Who is FOO?  YOU are FOO!

FOO, established in 1985, is a California registered nonprofit organization charged with raising much needed funds to pay for programs that have been cut by public sources.  Donations are tax-deductible and every parent has automatic membership in FOO by having a child attend Overland.

FOO has an all volunteer Board of Directors that plans and manages the annual fundraising at our school. These efforts, however, are only as successful as the support from our entire parent community.  Our school relies heavily on generous donations from parents, local businesses, corporations and foundations.  The funds raised by FOO go directly to support enrichment of classroom instruction and activities that help make Overland such a unique public school including:  

  • Art, Drama and Music programs;
  • Science and Computer Lab staff and materials;
  • Library staff and resources;
  • Field trips and classroom supplies;
  • Class size reduction teachers;
  • Landscaping and building improvements; and
  • Teachers’ Aides at all grade levels.

During the past few years, class sizes have increased and a number of the programs previously funded by the Los Angeles Unified School District have been cut, requiring FOO to raise more funds than ever before.  Our budget over the past three years has increased by 56%.  In order to maintain the existing FOO-funded programs and staffing at the same levels, we have to work harder and tap into new funding sources.
FOO has three primary fundraising efforts:

*** Family Annual Donation Drive - Fall Semester

*** Corporate/Foundation/Neighborhood Fundraising and Friends & Family Campaign (aimed toward sources other than parents) – throughout the school year.

We encourage you to attend our board meetings and to get involved in our fundraising activities.


Click here to make your donation today.
You may pay online with Visa, MasterCard or Paypal.
Friends of Overland is a 501c3 corporation
and your donation may be tax deductible.

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